Tiki Taka is a collective of rooftop football facilities in Chennai.
Our venues are developed to become state of the art facilities with world class amenities.
Tiki Taka Kilpauk
Spearheading the football fever in the city, Tiki Taka Kilpauk is the city’s first rooftop arena. It is 4200 SqFt and houses the most advanced FIFA Preferred artificial turf – synthetic grass (FIFA Grade 1). Which means we allow people to play wearing standard football studs. We also offer a modern dressing room with locker and shower facilities modelled after the Wembley, London. High Powered LED Flood Lights will ensure the game goes on even into the night. The facility is located at : 17, Lakshmi Street, C3 Fitness Science Building, Kilpauk. (Off New Avadi Road) and right opposite Pachaiyappas college. It is a one of a kind arena , built for footballers by footballers. Please contact us via phone for more information: +91 8754490508
Tiki Taka T. Nagar
Our second venue, Tiki Taka T. Nagar raises the bar we set with our first project. Tiki Taka T. Nagar is bigger, more premium and provides an unparalleled experience to both the players as well as the audience. Tiki Taka T. Nagar is equipped with a covered roof to ensure that heat, rain or any extreme weather doesn’t stop your game. The arena is equipped with modern players lounge, changing room and showers. Tiki Taka T. Nagar has a covered parking lot in the ground floor of the building. The arena also contains an air conditioned viewing gallery which can seat 100 people for an unmatched view of the game. The venue also houses a private lounge area with a view of the entire arena, a commentator’s box and a meticulously calibrated professional audio setup both inside the lounge as well as in the arena.