1. What is Tiki Taka?

A: Tiki Taka is a collective of rooftop sporting arena built in the heart of Chennai where football enthusiasts can experience state of the art facilities and enjoy their game week in, week out. It is conceived as a place where football passionate people can connect and socialize. Started in late 2015, Tiki Taka has grown to become the footballing centre of Chennai.


  1. Where is Tiki Taka located?

A: We’re currently located in two venues

Tiki Taka Kilpauk
#17, Lakshmi Street, Off New Avadi Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600010
Landmark: Rooftop, C3 Fitness Science Gym Building
Phone: +91 8754490508

Tiki Taka T. Nagar
#17, Radhakrishnan Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017
Landmark: Behind Agasthiyar Kovil / Near Pondy Bazaar Post Office
Phone: +91 8754490508


  1. How do I use the facility?

A: Tiki Taka is open to public and operates on an hourly rental basis. You will need to pre-book your slots, (preferred timing) a couple of days in advance. Once booked , you can come and enjoy the facility at the given timing.


  1. What are the hourly rates?

A: This is our rate card for one hour slots. You can book for more than an hour if desired.


  1. What time does Tiki Taka open?

A: Tiki Taka opens at 6 A.M in the morning and is open till 11:55 P.M. (Midnight)


  1. How do I book my slot?

A: You can call us on 8754490508 and book your slots over the phone or you can book it through our website by clicking on the Book Now tab.


  1. How many people can I bring?

A: Tiki Taka is built as a 5’s football ground (5V5), so 10-12 people are recommended. But you are allowed to bring as many people as you like to come and enjoy the slot. That will be completely up to you. Tiki Taka doesn’t limit the number of people that you can bring nor does it charge anything for extra people. So make sure to invite all your friends as more is merrier.


  1. What should we wear? Are football studs allowed?

A: You are free to wear any footwear. Tiki Taka is powered by an advanced artificial grass turf that is built for football. So you can wear your regular football cleats/studs to Tiki Taka.


  1. What happens if I am running late for my slot?

A: Tiki Taka runs on an extremely tight clock, thus there will be no extensions if there is a delay. So make sure to come 10 minutes in advance of your session.


  1. Tiki Taka is a rooftop arena. So is it safe to play?

A: Tiki Taka was built having safety of all players in mind. The cage (playing arena) is enclosed on all sides with strong wire mesh which ensure the ball doesn’t leave play and prevents any accidents. Regarding safety of belongings, Tiki Taka has free lockers available in the dressing room for players to use.


  1. I will be travelling by car to Tiki Taka. Is parking available?

A: Free parking will be provided to all Tiki Taka customers right below the facility. So feel free to travel in any way possible.


  1. I would like host my birthday party/ organise a event at Tiki Taka and bulk book the facility for 2 days. Is that possible?

A: Yes, Tiki Taka is open to hosting birthday parties as well as renting out the facility for third party events. Do write to support@tikitaka.in or call us on 8754490508 for further queries regarding bulk booking.